The hot social network website,SelfieGh ‘playlist’ launches today,12/06/2016


SelfieGh Social network Website’s Playlist Launches Today,12/06/2016

All your favorite songs on the internet(cloud), Anywhere you go!

Signup now and connect with your family and friends and with the world

SelfieGh is powerful photo platform and community that allows you to share your beautiful,happy and best moments with the world.

Playlist And How music affects us?

1. Happy/sad music affects how we see neutral faces

2. Ambient noise can improve creativity

3. Our music choices can predict our personality

4. Music can significantly distract us while driving (contrary to common belief)

5. Music training can significantly improve our motor and reasoning skills

6. Classical music can improve visual attention

7. One-sided phone calls are more distracting than normal conversations

8. Music helps us exercise





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