South Korean sex slavery victims stand up against official negotiations with Japan


South Korean sex slavery victims stand up against official negotiations with Japan

South Korean victims of the World War Two Japanese sexual slavery, together with their supporters, aren’t willing to compromise as their government is negotiating with Japan for a “final and irreversible” deal on the issue, deciding to establish their own foundation.

Six of the surviving victims have joined the “Foundation for Justice and Remembrance”, which plans to focus primarily on restoring the honour and dignity of the aging victims.

“How can we accept a deal that they say they made on their own without even consulting with us? It just doesn’t make any sense”, said Gil Won-ok, a victim of the Japanese sexual exploitation during the WWII.

Professor Na-Young Lee, a member of the Foundation for Justice and Reemergence, said it is the Japan’s official attitude towards the historical facts that matters.

“What’s most important is that Japan acknowledges historical facts and gives an official apology based on that acknowledgement, and to impose appropriate punishments for those who are legally responsible.”





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