Shanghai to debut its first unisex public toilet


Shanghai to debut its first unisex public toilet

Shanghai is set to launch the city’s first public unisex toilet in a bid to solve long waiting queues and limited space for female patrons.

The plan, which was initiated by the city’s administration bureau, said the site will be at the Southeast junction of Zhangjiabang Road, with ten compartment toilets for both male and female users, and a separated urinal room for male users only.

In many countries, there are longstanding problems of imbalanced waiting times for male and female toilet goers. Women tend to take longer time in the restroom, but the layout of both restrooms are always the same.

In recent years, some feminism activists in China have launched an “Occupy Men’s Toilets” campaign to call for more space for female toilets.

The manager of the Shanghai unisex restroom said they have firm doors and secure locks on each stall, so there should be no concerns of harassment. In addition, there will be security staff on shift 24 hours a day.

Considering the public recognition for unisex restrooms might not be adequate, the manager said there’s currently only one site in the making, and so far there is no future plan for building more unisex restrooms around the city.

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