Man receives criticisms after home-teaching his daughter


Man receives criticisms after home-teaching his daughter

Li Tiejun, from southwest China’s Luzhou, Sichuan Province, has received some criticism online for how he’s teaching his daughter.

In the spring of 2005, Li Tiejun rejected his daughter’s mother, Li Ansu, request to send Li Jingci, his nine-year-old daughter, back to school. “I would not send her to school even if I’d be sent to jail!” he insisted after Jingci’s mom sued him for going against China’s Compulsory Education Law. Though the cased brought a huge wave of discussion around the nation, Li had his wish fulfilled. “I will educate her to become an expert in the biomagnetic field!” he asserted in 2007.

A reporter from a local newspaper visited 74-year-old Li and his daughter last week after their 11 years of isolation. The decorations in the house were the same: an oil painting hanging on the wall that was done by Li Ansu, while several Chinese landscape paintings were done by Li Tiejun.

Li Jingci, the 20-year-old woman, was trying to copy sketches from a book. An hour passed and she could not clearly outline a statue. Jingci and her father also practiced musical instruments.

Li Jingci admitted that she couldn’t even pass a middle school level test at her age, yet her father was still proud of what he has taught her. However, in basic subjects like Mandarin, math, English, physics and chemistry, Jingci falls far short of acceptable. “I am fostering a great scientist,” he insisted.

The reporter was confused by the whole concept of making a great scientist with Li’s approach, which triggered Li’s discomfort immediately. “Do you know the four ugliest women in Chinese history?” he heckled, and summoned his daughter to answer it. The question also caught several people during a TV show years ago. Li held on to his pride, though, ignoring people who questioned what the use was knowing that fact.

Li Tiejun recalled his past during the interview, from his photo studio to oil painting, and other random topics. “The dinosaurs’ extinction was due to neither a volcano, nor the climate.” He rejected the reporter requesting to see his study and documents, and said he would publish his research when a proper chance came. However, all his neighbors doubt his work. “Studying heavenly spheres without a telescope, who would believe that?”

As far as the future, the father and the daughter had some disagreements on how it looked. Li believed that to achieve in the field of science, no one gets to marry early. But Jingci wished to get married before 25. When questioned what she had truly learned, Jingci said she understands the basic “principles” needed to take care of herself. “What are the principles?” the reporter pressed, and Li Tiejun interrupted, proclaiming, “The highest level of a principle is having no principles!”

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