Inspirational : Sisters separated by human traffickers reunite after 73 years


Sisters separated by human traffickers reunite after 73 years

It took these two sisters more than seven decades to see and hug each other again.

When Li Shurong was abducted by a neighbor in their village in Hebei Province 73 years ago, she was just a six-year-old kid, and her eldest sister Ai Shuzhang was only eight. At that time they would have had no idea that the next time they met, they would both be in their 80s.

On Tuesday at the airport in Guangzhou, the southern city where Ai now lives, the two sisters could not hold back their tears at the sight of each other, nor could they let go of each other’s hands.

Li said her only wish was to meet her lost family again. With her son’s perseverance and some volunteers’ help, her dream eventually came true.

While netizens were touched by the photos of their reunion, there were also calls for more severe crackdown on human trafficking in China, which remains an issue more than seventy years after these two sisters were split apart. In 2013, China Daily reported that an estimated 70,000 children go missing every year in China.





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