Inspirational: Couple proves that true love knows no bounds


Couple proves that true love knows no bounds

In the face of true love, beauty is always in the eye of the beholders. This couple, named Dong Wanyu and Dong Zhijun show that true love knows no bounds.

29-year-old Dong Wanyu was born with dwarfism, and suffered from painful bone fractures since he was young. 80cm tall, he stayed at home all day, studying the ways of the world through an old computer. Dong never gave up on his dreams, and he now runs 4 websites and is an onlinecelebrity, with 150,000 followers for his online web show.

Online he met his wife Dong Zhijun, who was seriously injured by fire when she was just aged 1. Inspired by his spirit, she traveled across China from Liaoning Province to Guangdong Province to marry the man.

Now they run their own online business together. The couple says that they want to be more influential online, so that they can inspire netizens with their story and spread positivity to their followers.

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