Indian brothers live Tarzan’s life


Two brothers with neurodevelopmental disorders have found their haven in the woods.

Every now and then, they leave their home in Rajnandgaon, central India’s Chhattisgarh, for an escapade in the jungle – one that lasts up to three days where the pair wanders around and picks fruits. Despite the risks wild beasts present, not a single animal – including tigers, has ever attempted to hurt them.

The siblings Surendera, 20, and Rajeshwari, 25, Kumar have problems with brain development, which have left them unable to speak. The only words the duo can utter are mom and dad. The two brothers are not used to walking either, preferring to move on four limbs.

Though the way they carry themselves has set them apart from the villagers, their gentleness, kindness, and peaceful nature have brought them fans from the town’s kids.

Their frequent trips to the nearby woods worry their mother, Pancho Bai. She had tried many a time to bring her younger son back home, interrupting him as he played hide-and-seek or Kabaddi (a contact sport) with the monkeys.

Despite her repetitive attempts to deter them from heading to the woods, the mom believes that her kids have a special connection with Mother Nature.





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