Google acquires US-based eye-tracking interface startup company Eyefluence


Google acquires  US-based eye-tracking interface startup company Eyefluence

A US-based eye-tracking interface startup company Eyefluence announced on Tuesday that it has been acquired by Google. The company focuses on developing eye-tracking algorithms to make your eye-gaze cursor-like, meaning you can “click on” or operate anything with your sight as you wear a VR device. Eye-tracking techniques have been adopted by multiple VR device companies, while it is Eyefluence’s more advanced operation choices that have appealed to investors enabling it to raise 21.6 million US dollars (some 130 million yuan) when it was founded in 2013. (Picture from Eyefluence, movie Iron Man)


Eyefluence was founded in early 2013 by Jim Marggraff and David Stiehr, successful, award-winning, serial entrepreneurs. They acquired non-commercial eye tracking technology from an R&D company that had been funded with government grants.

Drawing from over a decade of eye studies, algorithm development, optics and illumination system design, and field applications, we have advanced our technology for integration with HMDs (head-mounted displays) as a fundamental technological enabler in the next generation of AR and VR products.







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