Good Harmony produces good music



What does harmony mean?

Harmony is when you feel happy. Harmony is when people are all getting along together. Harmony is when people are nice to one another. Harmony is the flow of life.

How to Live in Harmony with Others: 7 Steps :

1 Every time you encounter another person, recognize that a major percentage of each person is identical to you.

In turn, appreciate the diversity that comes from the minor percentage of variation. You are a unique configuration of our common human nature. Use reason and good intentions to exercise the will to live, the will to pleasure, the will to superiority, the will to connect and the will to identity, which are all core goals of people the world over.

2 Recognize the common nature that each person has to pursue personal preservation, personal growth, and personal enjoyment.

Seek to honor this nature in you in harmony with your surroundings. Have a vision for your life and for humanity. Work toward “the greatest good for the greatest number of people.”

  • Think about what goal you want to achieve, what dream you want to realize, what destiny you want to pursue, what plan you want to execute, what mission you want to accomplish and dig deep and enlist the support and encouragement of others to shape the future for the better.

3 Recognize that each human being is potentially an asset to humanity

. A perceived or actual lack of resources may make another person appear as somewhat of a threat, because he or she would add to the likelihood of some type of shortage arising, but you should realize that most human beings have the capacity to add something of value to the world to a greater extent than he or she depletes its things of value, and keep in mind that we inhabit a very wealthy planet.

4 Recognize the unique contribution that each person can make to the ongoing cause of human progress through imagination and hard work.

Don’t be overly concerned with another person’s religious or political affiliations but instead ask of the people you meet: Are you making the most of your life? When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see? Can you see yourself in another person and treat the other accordingly? When you lie in bed at night, are you happy with how you spent your day? When you awaken in the morning, are you hungry for higher heights? And for yourself, make the most of your time to live.

5 Appreciate your natural desire to look good and to perform well.

There is much pleasure that can be derived from having an audience, as well as the pleasure that can be derived from being an audience as you enjoy the appearance and performance of other people. The dignity of human beings relentlessly prompts us to carry ourselves in a certain esteemed way. We can bring out the best in each other as a testament to the heights that humanity can ascend to. The unbelievable opportunity to live should be celebrated and maximized to the fullest possible extent by the many facets of the one diamond of human nature because this is who we are. This reality deserves unapologetic expression.

6 Recognize that you are able to be useful to others, and that others may be useful to you

. It is unreasonable for any person to expect to get something for nothing in any relationship. Keep in mind however that sometimes there is no harm in extending assistance to another person simply because you can and that such a gesture could even be a source of personal fulfillment. Indeed, not expecting reciprocation is a large part of the success of giving because your giving then becomes unconditional. You will find most people will reciprocate anyway, especially when you share of yourself with good intent.

7 Recognize that we are all on this planet together.

We stand to gain more by working together and with each other rather than working against each other. It has been said by Native Americans, “no tree has branches so foolish as to fight amongst themselves.” Humanity faces many unavoidable challenges that require our best defense without us creating additional unnecessary problems between ourselves. Love is the greatest catalyst of harmony and it always uplifts. As there is always a shortage of enough love, be giving of it always, especially in those times it feels hardest.





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