Computer Programming A Compulsory Subject in Japan Schools


Starting with the primary schools in 2020, computer programming will be made a compulsory subject in the Japanese primary schools. It will be followed by the implementation in middle schools in 2021 and high schools in 2022.

Japan aims to make computer programming a common subject like science and integrated studies to make children ready for the bigger challenges.

In Japanese cities like Takeo, Koha, and Ibaraki Prefecture, programming classes are already mushrooming to assist the schools. The Japan News reports that volunteers and businesses are contributing effectively to this mission.

To decide the syllabus of the programming classes being introduced in the schools, the Japanese education ministry has constituted a panel.

A similar trend has also been observed in China where Chinese parents are teaching coding at a much earlier age. Going one step ahead of Japan, China has started teaching kids the basics of coding even before they reach preschool.

However, these developments in the Asian countries isn’t a new phenomenon. Long back in 2000, the Israeli government made programming a compulsory subject in its high schools. Britain came up with the same type of rule for children aged 5 or older.

It would be wrong to assume that the United States government is unaware of the importance of teaching programming in schools. In January, President Barack Obama announced a plan to invest $4 billion in the computer science education.





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