Breaking :Facebook has finally flew Aquila their solar-powered plane for internet


CEO of facebook Mark Zuckerberg,on 21 July,2016 announces the completion and test of  Aquila their solar-powered plane that will beam internet to remote parts of the world.

Mark Zuckerberg:

 After two years of engineering, we successfully flew Aquila — our solar-powered plane that will beam internet to remote parts of the world. Here’s the video from our first flight.


Aquila was described in a July Facebook post by Mark Zuckerberg as having “The wingspan of a Boeing 747, but weighing less than a car” – the image below gives an idea of the scale of the thing. Ten per cent of the world’s population still has no mobile internet connectivity at all, and much of it has 2G only, and the solar-powered, 3D-printed and carbon fibre- and solar-panel-coated craft is designed to address that.






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