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The brand new Tech,New Photo Social Network Website,


Sharing are moments and moments are sharing,sharing is caring and caring is sharing,beautiful are moments and moments are beautiful.happiness and joy are charming and charming brings happiness and joy.sharing your moments is the key to happiness.we want to help you share and connect.

“We introduce to you selfieGh”, Selfie Gobal hut Incorporation.What is SelfieGh?


We believe in connecting and changing the world. SelfieGh is a powerful and wonderful photo sharing community and a Social networking platform and a game changer that lets you share your photos.Your beautiful,happy and best moments from your parties,weddings,occasions,concerts with the world and with your family and friends.


Innovation is connecting the world and helping people find! and helping people find and connecting the world is innovation.with selfieGh you are always someone’s favorite. SelfieGh,laugh,share and enjoy! logon to and signup to connect with the world and your family and friends! 


Is SelfieGh secure and reliable?
The back end of selfieGh messaging is encrypted with a powerful encryption algorithm for security reasons which makes it more secure for peer to peer conversations.Enjoy!


Welcome to the social world!





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