Angry Villagers Beat Alien Like Creature… But the Truth Is Shockingly Sad!!!


And this is how a normal healthy sun bear looks like.

Angry Villagers Beat Alien Like Creature… But the Truth Is Shockingly Sad!!!

In recent times, a video message is revolving in the social media regarding the appearance of an alien like creature who has been attacking domestic animals of the village. The video is spread as being shot near Kerala Karnataka border.

But, the news and the video both are false and need to stopped from circulation immediately. The event happened in near a plantation in Malaysia where people found an odd looking animal which crawled in the woods near them.

Threatened by the odd appearance of the creature, people did not go near it or try to help it even though they reported that the creature looked tired and completely non-dangerous.

The odd looking animal was actually a very week and malnutritioned sun bear. The real video is shown below which clearly shows how harmless and weak the bear looked while it tried its best to run away from the plantation workers.

The incident as soon as it spread caught the attention of the Malaysian authorities and they started the search for it. After almost a month of searching, the bear was found pale on the ground in the forest somewhere. It was taken in by them and was treated immediately.


The authorities reported that this is one of the rare species of the bears and is being treated well and soon will be back to its good health and growth. However, we as humans should know the value of other animals and whenever find any strolling in the neighborhood, inform the authorities instead of scaring it and finally killing it off.

Most of the animals come in search of food and water and scared by the humans themselves, end up hurting both the humans and themselves too. So, stay calm and let the rescue people take care of the animal so that it could be taken back to its natural habitat without any harm to anyone.




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